⚔️ Master the Way of the Cyber Ninja ⚔️

There is a war in cyberspace, as evil goon cartels cause chaos around the globe. Our last hope is you, the Cyber Ninja – assassin of the digital age. Slip into a high-tech combat suit, sharpen your faithful katana and load up a military-grade arsenal of firepower to blast these crooks to dust. Think fast, engage even faster and be merciless at all times.

🤺 Slice and Dice Enemies

The path of a master ninja warrior requires you to become one with your cyber katana. Perform stunning combo attacks to send opponents flying and paint the walls in shiny red. Build an assassin skillset worthy of turning ninja grandmasters like Hattori Hanzo green with envy.

🔫 Fire Deadly Weapons

Dominate your foes using the silenced pistol, pump them up to the eyeballs with the shotgun or go berserk with terrific gear such as machine guns, explosive revolvers and everybody’s darling: the grenade launcher. And when ammo runs out, a well-placed throwing star will cracky any skull in half.

✨ Use Stealth in Times of Trouble

Truth be told: You are outnumbered, severely. So choose your battles wisely and use specials skills like the stealth booster to cloak yourself. Strike with surgical precision and and swiftly evade the hailstorm of bullets like the one true dodge master.

🗺️ Travel the World

Discover and wreak havoc in diverse and superstylish locations all around the globe. Leave a trail of destruction in urban back alleys, dirty gangster shacks, vast construction sites, narrow subway shafts and take a trip to the countryside to discover a mansion with a secret lurking below.

💥 Tear Down Everything

Not only will your enemies suffer from the action, but also the spaces they inhabit. Blast a foe into furniture to make it shatter, blow up walls by detonating explosive barrels and rip apart complete levels until there’s nowhere left to hide. Let the goons experience the rush of blood that they deserve.

💰 Grow an Assassin Business

To smash the goon cartels, you must hunt down each boss enemy in the game. Expect fierce resistance as you approach their hideouts, so be sure to put that blood money to good use by buying cutting-edge gear.

🏆 Unlock a Plethora of Gear

On your way to becoming the ultimate Cyber Ninja, you’ll stash up an armory of mighty gear. Get new ninja characters with unique weapons, ballistic rifles, futuristic laser guns and special skill boosters like the security camera jammer, the enemy disguise transmuter or the breach-any-lock master key module.

⚠️ One Last Warning ⚠️

Sounds like your cup of tea? Then smash that download button, sharpen your katana and cause some action!

But remember the old ninja saying: